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Intex Anadrol

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Oxymetholone 25mg/tab 100tabs
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Oxymetholone is a synthetic derivative of testosterone and is recognized for its exceptionally strong anabolic effects. It stimulates protein synthesis, leading to rapid muscle hypertrophy and increased muscle mass. Oxymetholone is commonly utilized during bulking cycles, where individuals aim to maximize muscle growth and size.

  1. Rapid Muscle Mass Gain: Oxymetholone is highly regarded for its ability to trigger significant muscle growth within a relatively short period. By enhancing protein synthesis, it promotes substantial increases in muscle mass and size. Users may experience a noticeable transformation in their physique with notable gains in muscle fullness and density.
  2. Increased Strength and Power: Oxymetholone is known for its exceptional strength-enhancing properties. It stimulates the development of muscle strength and power, enabling users to lift heavier weights and perform more intense workouts. This heightened strength can provide a competitive edge to athletes participating in strength-dependent sports.
  3. Enhanced Nitrogen Retention: Oxymetholone enhances nitrogen retention within muscle tissues, leading to a positive nitrogen balance. This nitrogen surplus promotes an anabolic environment necessary for muscle growth. Improved nitrogen retention contributes to increased muscle size and improved recovery.
  4. Improved Recovery and Reduced Fatigue: Oxymetholone may aid in faster recovery between workouts and reduce fatigue levels. It can potentially reduce muscle damage and inflammation, allowing individuals to train with greater frequency and intensity. This accelerated recovery can facilitate continuous muscle growth over time.
  5. Appetite Stimulation: Oxymetholone has the potential to stimulate appetite, promoting increased caloric intake. This can be advantageous for individuals struggling with a lack of appetite or aiming to consume surplus calories for muscle gain purposes. Adequate calorie consumption is crucial for supporting muscle growth and overall weight gain.

1 review for Intex Anadrol

  1. Orville Z****

    Anadrol: feeling and LOOKING on steroids
    After two weeks of use everybody start asking what the hell have you been taking lately lol
    I like these 25mg tabs for dosing flexibility

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