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Intex Bac Water

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0.9% BA USP 1 vial 10ml
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Bacteriostatic water is a sterile water solution that contains a bacteriostatic agent, typically benzyl alcohol. It is used in medical and pharmaceutical settings to reconstitute powdered medications or dilute concentrated solutions for injection purposes. The inclusion of a bacteriostatic agent helps prevent the growth of bacteria in the water, ensuring its sterility during medication preparation and administration.

  1. Proper Medication Preparation: Bacteriostatic water is crucial for safely reconstituting certain substances used for muscle gain, such as growth hormone (HGH) or peptides. By ensuring sterility during preparation, it helps maintain the effectiveness and integrity of these substances.
  2. Facilitates Administration: Bacteriostatic water provides a suitable medium for dissolving and diluting medications, making them easier to administer through injections. Proper administration of muscle-enhancing substances is essential for optimizing their potential benefits.
  3. Minimizes Contamination Risks: The presence of a bacteriostatic agent in the water helps inhibit bacterial growth, reducing the risk of contamination during the preparation and storage of medications. This helps maintain the safety and integrity of the substances being used for muscle gain.


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