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Intex Clomid


Clomiphene Citrate 50mg/tab 60tabs

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Clomiphene Citrate belongs to a class of drugs called selective estrogen receptor modulators (SERMs). It works by blocking the action of estrogen in certain tissues, which can stimulate the release of follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) and luteinizing hormone (LH) from the pituitary gland. This, in turn, can increase the production of testosterone in the testes.

  1. Testosterone Boost: Clomiphene Citrate is believed to promote the production of testosterone by stimulating the release of LH and FSH. This increase in testosterone levels can potentially support muscle gain, strength improvement, and overall athletic performance.
  2. Estrogen Control: Clomiphene Citrate can help regulate estrogen levels by blocking estrogen receptors. By doing so, it may help manage estrogen-related side effects that can occur as a result of anabolic steroid use, such as water retention, gynecomastia, and fat accumulation.
  3. Post-Cycle Therapy (PCT): Clomiphene Citrate is commonly used as part of post-cycle therapy to help restore hormonal balance after a steroid cycle. It is often employed to stimulate the recovery of natural testosterone production, which may have been suppressed during the use of exogenous steroids.


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