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Intex HCG 5000iu – 2x

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1x  2ml sterile water solution amp.

1x vial 5000iu
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HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) 5000IU is a hormone medication that has gained attention in the fitness community for its potential benefits related to muscle gain. HCG is naturally produced during pregnancy and plays a crucial role in hormonal regulation.

HCG 5000IU typically comes in the form of a vial or ampoule containing a powdered form of the hormone. It needs to be reconstituted with a suitable solution, such as bacteriostatic water, before administration via injection.

  1. Testosterone Stimulation: HCG has been suggested to have the ability to stimulate the production of testosterone in males. Testosterone is an important hormone for muscle development and strength. By promoting testosterone production, HCG may indirectly contribute to muscle gain.
  2. Preservation of Muscle Mass: During certain medical conditions or hormone therapies, muscle loss can occur. HCG has been proposed to help preserve muscle mass and prevent muscle wasting. By maintaining existing muscle tissue, it may support muscle gain efforts when combined with proper exercise and nutrition.
  3. Improved Recovery: HCG has been associated with enhanced recovery and reduced muscle soreness. By promoting tissue repair and reducing inflammation, it may contribute to faster recovery after intense workouts, potentially enabling more frequent and intense training sessions for muscle growth.


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